Most Dope

My roommate moved out. Told me by being around him I was enabling him and that drug dealers can’t be friends. Rough to hear from someone you thought was your friend

Anonymous asked: so theres around .2 m in each tab?


Anonymous asked: how much mdma per tab? for the green tabs

$20 ,street, $15 hookup price

ubootlegger-deactivated20140405 asked: hey man just wanted to message you and say i really dig ur tumblr, i lived in downtown chicago and used to grab in the same areas as you post and jus dig the pics of bags and raw, now i live right outside of chicago in the suburbs like 20 minutes from independence n 290, so i grab in maywood now and get some pretty good fire there

im actually clean. I havent had to deal with the wild west side lately

Anonymous asked: what are green a's?

high quality pressed mdma that is distributed throughout chicago

Anonymous asked: How about cephalexin??

Naw bro pharmaceuticals are a bad route to go anyways. Grab some bud or mushrooms and have a good time with friends.

Anonymous asked: Can you get off on sudafed nasal spray??

Naw go grab some benzedrex