Most Dope

heroin-boy-boy said: nah i dont know nobody with benzos but my mom gets em prescribeed unfortunately shes out. sorry cant help... do benzos really help you kick cos im tryne get clean too sick and tired of being sick n tired

imo they are the best thing to get u thru a kick.

Anonymous said: Hey I live in the Florida keys you know any good hook ups for h ? It's basically nonexistent here. Only blueberries but way to expensive 40 a pop

im in dc bro. Florida has tons of smack tho look around. Broward County has to be flooded with h now that the pill mills are gone.

Anonymous said: I live like a half hour from you. That's awesome. I never find people who do dope near me on tumblr

I can help u out if you need


$100 worth it. 

You should help me out  =/


$100 worth it. 

You should help me out =/

Anonymous said: I live about 20 mins out of dc and I need need need need need need help(dope)

Send me your number. I’m kicking but I could introduce u to my guy

Someone in dc help me get some benzos. I wanna get clean and I just need a few mg to sleep =/

tumbleyourtroublesaway said: How does one get in contact?

Send me ur cell number and I’ll txt u then delete ur message so it’s not in my inbox and it doesn’t end up on my wall