Most Dope

There’s two things I want right now. One is to feel better for the long term and the other is to get high on smack obviously for the short term. Which one do I want more? As I writh in agony I contemplate spending money that I really don’t have on a bag.

The thing about heroin is… And I would be astonished if a select few didn’t agree with me, but it ruins your view on the world. Your life is constantly cycling between cravings,relapses,and of course acquiring money and dope. Well when we get caught in that cycle we eventually start to hate ourselves. This is where we just become so fucking cynical that nothing in the world matters anymore. Everything sucks, unless we’re high then the world makes sense, but unless you’ve got your nod face on your hating life.


Anyone in the dc va md area I have dope I’m willing to trade for Suboxone. Help me clean up my act so I can leave dc dignified

Stages of addiction.


1. I can’t get addicted
2. I’m not addicted
3. Fuck

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heroin-boy-boy said: nah i dont know nobody with benzos but my mom gets em prescribeed unfortunately shes out. sorry cant help... do benzos really help you kick cos im tryne get clean too sick and tired of being sick n tired

imo they are the best thing to get u thru a kick.

Anonymous said: Hey I live in the Florida keys you know any good hook ups for h ? It's basically nonexistent here. Only blueberries but way to expensive 40 a pop

im in dc bro. Florida has tons of smack tho look around. Broward County has to be flooded with h now that the pill mills are gone.